zoom id and password generator how to take a good fake id photo reddit


zoom id and password generator how to take a good fake id photo reddit

Young Drinkers Are Pissed Their Fake IDs Don’t Match Their Real Vaccine Cards

  ”,”videoChecked”:”other”}]],”markups”:[[“a”,[“href”,”https://thedailybeast.com/joe-biden-mandate-sparks-price-gouging-for-fake-vax-cards”]],[“a”,[“href”,”https://thedailybeast.com/alan-cumming-on-stonewall-50-i-dont-see-why-i-should-thank-someone-for-treating-me-equally”]],[“a”,[“href”,”https://la.eater.com/2021/9/29/22700663/los-angeles-city-council-indoor-vaccine-proof-emergency-order-covid-19″]],[“a”,[“href”,”https://thedailybeast.com/the-brooklyn-liberation-march-showed-why-the-gops-anti-trans-crusade-will-backfire”]],[“a”,[“href”,”https://thedailybeast.com/aladdin-shut-down-by-covid-cases-just-a-day-after-splashy-broadway-reopening”]],[“a”,[“href”,”https://thedailybeast.com/tucker-carlson-advocates-for-the-unvaccinated-to-get-fake-covid-vaccine-cards-calls-it-act-of-desperation”]],[“a”,[“href”,”https://krqe.com/health/coronavirus/fbi-warns-about-penalties-for-making-using-fake-covid-19-vaccination-cards/”]],[“a”,[“href”,”https://sla.ny.gov/frequent-violations-abc-law-retailers”]],[“a”,[“href”,”https://spectrumlocalnews.com/nys/central-ny/news/2021/07/31/nys-dmv-investigators-cracking-down-on-underage-drinking–fake-ids”]],[“a”,[“href”,”https://thedailybeast.com/trans-people-talk-prejudice-pain-pride-and-why-trans-joy-is-revolutionary”]],[“a”,[“href”,”https://thedailybeast.com/inside-a-miami-florida-hospital-full-of-dying-unvaccinated-30-somethings-dying-of-covid-19″]]],”version”:”0.3.0″,”sections”:[[1,”p”,[[0,[],0,”Joan Marie Flaherty turned 21 in July, but before that the NYU theater student used a fake ID to get into bars around the city. There was just one problem in the waning days of her underage years: venues in the city began requiring proof of vaccination for entry. Flaherty’s “],[0,[0],1,”vaccine card”],[0,[],0,” was real—she got the shot as soon as she became eligible—but her birthday on the document did not match her fake, which said she was a 25-year-old from Maine.”]]],[1,”p”,[[0,[],0,”“It was something I was always on edge about,” Flaherty told The Daily Beast. Once she and some friends, who already turned 21, tried to get into Club Cumming, a queer bar and cabaret club owned by the actor “],[0,[1],1,”Alan Cumming”],[0,[],0,”. She went to the bouncer, who asked everyone for their IDs and proof of vaccine.”]]],[10,0],[1,”p”,[[0,[],0,”“I very confidently pulled out my paper vaccine card and fake ID, and he’s looking at both of them, and I realize that my birthday is in fact not October 15, 1996,” Flaherty said. “I was like, ‘I’m so sorry, I forgot that I’m actually underage. I can’t go in, but can I get those back?’ He looked at the cards again and was like, ‘Yeah this is fake, come back in a few weeks though.’” (Flaherty was not far from her 21st birthday at the time.) She later made a TikTok describing the incident.”]]],[10,1],[1,”p”,[[0,[],0,”In New York and San Francisco, where indoor businesses like bars, restaurants, clubs, and gyms must check for vaccination to allow patrons to enter, venue owners can be fined for infractions. (Los Angeles County “],[0,[2],1,”delayed voting for a similar ordinance on Wednesday”],[0,[],0,”, postponing the proposed requirement for another week.) And many young people are in favor of the rules—they’re just annoyed at the major inconvenience getting in their way of drinking. So they’re getting creative.”]]],[1,”p”,[[0,[],0,”One bouncer at a “],[0,[3],1,”Brooklyn”],[0,[],0,” music venue who spoke on the condition of anonymity said that “I see so much elaborate nonsense when it comes to this.””]]],[1,”p”,[[0,[],0,”“Kids will come up saying their phones are dead and they left their wallets, or show an ID that’s obviously not them and then show a “],[0,[4],1,”COVID”],[0,[],0,” card where neither their names or ages match,” he said. “Of course I turn them away, and I politely tell them I am aware of what they’re trying to do.””]]],[1,”p”,[[0,[],0,”Overall, the bouncer said that the vaccine requirements make him take checking IDs “more seriously” than he has in the past. “I would definitely say bouncers care more about it,” he said. “You need two forms of identification now, period.””]]],[1,”p”,[[0,[],0,”Flaherty also works as a host at a cocktail bar in the West Village and in the last few months she’s picked up another responsibility at the door: vaccine bouncer. While the place she works is more upscale—not the type of place college-age kids would go to get drunk—she has seen some underage patrons try to slip by using a clearly doctored vaccine pass.”]]],[10,2],[1,”p”,[[0,[],0,”“Some girl showed me a vax card with a Twitter sticker put over her birthday,” Flaherty said. “She just flashed it at me and walked away. I was like, huh, you’re probably under 21. I think less people are faking their vaccines—I presume most people in New York are vaccinated—but they’re faking their birthdays because they’re under 21.””]]],[1,”p”,[[0,[],0,”Flaherty admits it would be hard for her to tell the difference between a well-done “],[0,[5],1,”fake vaccine card”],[0,[],0,” and a real one. “I wouldn’t necessarily know if someone used a photoshopped card,” she said. “Someone could have printed out the template for the official card and filled it out themselves, but that’s so much work just to sit inside a restaurant.””]]],[1,”p”,[[0,[],0,”It’s fairly easy to find a blank version of the CDC’s official vaccination record card, print it out, and fill it in. The FBI “],[0,[6],1,”issued a warning for potential forgers”],[0,[],0,” in August: misusing the official seal of the CDC, or any US agency, could cost you a $5,000 fine or five years in prison.”]]],[1,”p”,[[0,[],0,”Of course this bulletin was intended to deter anti-vaxxers who have no intention of getting the shot in the first place. Some might believe there’s a big moral difference between people willingly putting others at risk, and underage drinkers who got the jab but just need a piece of paper to match their ID.”]]],[1,”p”,[[0,[],0,”Then there are penalties for serving underage patrons. According to the New York State Liquor Authority, bar owners can be “],[0,[7],1,”subject to penalties like fines or losing their liquor licenses”],[0,[],0,”. The New York State DMV has issued a scanner dubbed Operation Prevent that checks IDs for validity using various light tests; usually fakes are confiscated by bartenders.”]]],[1,”p”,[[0,[],0,”Sometimes, there are legal consequences too. A DMV spokesperson told Spectrum News this year that”],[0,[8],1,” first-time offenders might lose their driver’s license for up to a year”],[0,[],0,”. Repeat offenders can get charged with a felony. The same goes for people who use real IDs of other people (not fake IDs they bought from a company), as that is considered a type of identity theft.”]]],[1,”p”,[[0,[],0,”“On “],[0,[9],1,”Pride”],[0,[],0,”, I wanted to go to an event where you had to be 21 and show a vax card,” Flaherty added. “I was scheming with my friend: what if he asks for a vax card and I can’t show my card, but I open up my NYU student health portal to show that I have been vaccinated? Ultimately, I ended up not going.””]]],[1,”p”,[[0,[],0,”For now, the plight of the underage drinker is a bicoastal problem; only cities in New York and California have implemented such measures. Teens in other states will be happy to report it’s business-as-usual trying to get into bars with just one doctored form of ID.”]]],[10,3],[1,”p”,[[0,[],0,”One underage woman who lives in Atlanta said that bars around her never check for vaccine cards, and even during a recent trip to New York she was able to find venues who (illegally) didn’t check for her age at the door. It was just a matter of searching for those places.”]]],[1,”p”,[[0,[],0,”On TikTok, the struggle is real: multiple videos of kids bemoaning the fact that their fakes are useless have gone viral. “I didn’t even think of this until now,” a caption on one video that had been liked nearly 160,000 times read. “Um… Everyone who has fake IDs has to show their vaccination card at the entrance of a bar of club…but the vaccination card has our real birthdays on it..so we have to order FAKE vaccine cards now.””]]],[1,”p”,[[0,[],0,”People posted tips in the comment section. “If you put it in apple wallet it doesn’t show ur birthday j[ust] ur name and the date of doses,” one person helpfully shared. “Or you can just edit in,” another suggested. “Photoshop baby.””]]],[1,”p”,[[0,[],0,”Or, as a commenter put it: “Not when you “],[0,[10],1,”live in the south”],[0,[],0,” and they don’t believe in covid.””]]]]},”hero”:{“image”:{“id”:”3091453″,”crops”:{“1_1”:{“x”:478.94736842105266,”y”:0,”width”:1688,”height”:1688},”16_9″:{“x”:0,”y”:0,”width”:3000,”height”:1688},”original”:{“x”:0,”y”:0,”width”:3000,”height”:1688}},”title”:””,”credit”:”Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Photos Getty”,”mobiledoc_caption”:null,”alt_text”:null,”url”:”https://img.thedailybeast.com/image/upload/v1633115160/210930-alaina-fake-ids-tease_wmsszu.jpg”,”public_id”:”210930-alaina-fake-ids-tease_wmsszu”,”version”:”1633115160″,”__typename”:”Image”},”__typename”:”Media”,”video”:null},”accentColor”:null,”audience”:”public”,”autoBrandSafe”:true,”autoIAB”:[{“id”:”379″,”category”:”News and Politics”,”score”:0.62353516,”parentId”:null,”parentIABCategory”:null,”__typename”:”AutoIABCategory”},{“id”:”388″,”category”:”Political Issues”,”score”:0.36,”parentId”:386,”parentIABCategory”:{“id”:”386″,”category”:”Politics”,”parentId”:379,”parentIABCategory”:{“id”:”379″,”category”:”News and Politics”,”parentId”:null,”parentIABCategory”:null,”__typename”:”AutoIABCategory”},”__typename”:”AutoIABCategory”},”__typename”:”AutoIABCategory”},{“id”:”380″,”category”:”Crime”,”score”:0.59,”parentId”:379,”parentIABCategory”:{“id”:”379″,”category”:”News and Politics”,”parentId”:null,”parentIABCategory”:null,”__typename”:”AutoIABCategory”},”__typename”:”AutoIABCategory”}],”autoKeywords”:[“covid”,”bars”,”new york”,”vaccination”,”patrons”,”id”,”bar owners”,”ids”,”birthday”,”less people”,”bouncer”,”flaherty”,”vax card”,”fake ids”,”real vaccine cards”,”vaccine card”],”autoSentiment”:{“neutral”:”0.67″,”positive”:”0.1″,”negative”:”0.22″,”__typename”:”AutoSentiment”},”autoThreats”:[],”canonicalSlug”:”young-drinkers-are-pissed-their-fake-ids-dont-match-their-real-vaccine-cards”,”crossPromotion”:null,”dek”:”These are tough times for underage drinkers seeking to drink illegally: the birthdays listed on vaccine cards, which are required to enter some bars, do not match their fake IDs.”,”description”:”These are tough times for underage drinkers seeking to drink illegally: the birthdays listed on vaccine cards, which are required to enter some bars, do not match their fake IDs.”,”franchise”:null,”id”:”young-drinkers-are-pissed-their-fake-ids-dont-match-their-real-vaccine-cards”,”longTitle”:”Young Drinkers Are Pissed Their Fake IDs Don’t Match Their Real Vaccine Cards”,”modifiedDate”:”2021-10-03T08:56:45.111Z”,”onHomepage”:false,”publicationDate”:”2021-10-03T08:56:45.111Z”,”rubric”:”NO ENTRY”,”seoHeadline”:”Young Drinkers Are Pissed Their Fake IDs Don’t Match Their Real Vaccine Cards”,”shortTitle”:”Kids Are Pissed That Fake IDs Don’t Match Real Vax Cards”,”socialHeadline”:”Young Drinkers Are Pissed Their Fake IDs Don’t Match Their Real Vaccine Cards”,”specialContentFlag”:null,”subtype”:null,”subvertical”:null,”title”:”Young Drinkers Are Pissed Their Fake IDs Don’t Match Their Real Vaccine Cards”,”type”:”article”,”url”:”https://thedailybeast.com/young-drinkers-are-pissed-their-fake-ids-dont-match-their-real-vaccine-cards”,”vertical”:{“id”:”5″,”slug”:”arts-and-culture”,”name”:”Arts and Culture”,”description”:”Style, Sex, Media, and The Stage”,”__typename”:”Vertical”},”metadata”:{“canonicalUrl”:”https://thedailybeast.com/young-drinkers-are-pissed-their-fake-ids-dont-match-their-real-vaccine-cards”,”metaTags”:[{“name”:”cXenseParse:author”,”content”:”Alaina Demopoulos”,”property”:true},{“name”:”cXenseParse:tde-shortHeadline”,”content”:”Kids Are Pissed That Fake IDs Don’t Match Real Vax Cards”,”property”:false},{“name”:”cXenseParse:tde-keywords”,”content”:”Drinking culture,Alcohol,Vaccines”,”extraAttributes”:{“data-separator”:”,”},”property”:false},{“name”:”cXenseParse:pageclass”,”content”:”article”,”property”:false},{“name”:”article:modified_time”,”content”:”2021-10-03T08:56:45.111Z”,”property”:true},{“content”:”Drinking culture, Alcohol, Vaccines”,”name”:”keywords”,”property”:false},{“content”:”Young Drinkers Are Pissed Their Fake IDs Don’t Match Their Real Vaccine Cards”,”name”:”og:title”,”property”:true},{“content”:”These are tough times for underage drinkers seeking to drink illegally: the birthdays listed on vaccine cards, which are required to enter some bars, do not match their fake IDs.”,”name”:”og:description”,”property”:true},{“content”:”These are tough times for underage drinkers seeking to drink illegally: the birthdays listed on vaccine cards, which are required to enter some bars, do not match their fake IDs.”,”name”:”description”,”property”:false},{“content”:”https://thedailybeast.com/young-drinkers-are-pissed-their-fake-ids-dont-match-their-real-vaccine-cards”,”name”:”og:url”,”property”:true},{“content”:”Alaina Demopoulos”,”name”:”authors”,”property”:false},{“content”:”/content/dailybeast/arts-and-culture”,”name”:”wrap”,”property”:false},{“content”:”arts-and-culture”,”name”:”article:section”,”property”:true},{“content”:”The Daily Beast”,”name”:”og:site_name”,”property”:true},{“content”:”189930913679″,”name”:”fb:app_id”,”property”:true},{“content”:”summary_large_image”,”name”:”twitter:card”,”property”:false},{“content”:”@thedailybeast”,”name”:”twitter:site”,”property”:false},{“content”:””,”name”:”twitter:creator”,”property”:false},{“content”:”https://img.thedailybeast.com/image/upload/c_crop,d_placeholder_euli9k,h_1688,w_3000,x_0,y_0/dpr_2.0/c_limit,w_600/f_jpg/fl_lossy,q_auto/v1633115160/210930-alaina-fake-ids-tease_wmsszu”,”name”:”twitter:image”,”property”:false},{“content”:”2021-10-03T08:56:45.111Z”,”name”:”article:published_time”,”property”:true},{“content”:”2021-10-03T08:56:45.111Z”,”name”:”sailthru.date”,”property”:true},{“content”:”2021-10-17T08:56:45.111Z”,”name”:”sailthru.expire_date”,”property”:true},{“content”:”https://thedailybeast.com/authors/alaina-demopoulos”,”name”:”article:author”,”property”:true}],”ogImages”:[{“url”:”https://img.thedailybeast.com/image/upload/c_crop,d_placeholder_euli9k,h_1688,w_3000,x_0,y_0/dpr_2.0/c_limit,w_740/fl_lossy,q_auto/v1633115160/210930-alaina-fake-ids-tease_wmsszu”}],”productName”:”oop”,”title”:”Young Drinkers Are Pissed Their Fake IDs Don’t Match Their Real Vaccine Cards”},”section”:{“external”:false,”hideByline”:false,”id”:”arts-and-culture”,”longTitle”:”Arts and Culture”,”rubric”:””,”shortTitle”:”Arts and Culture”,”specialContentFlag”:””,”title”:”Arts and Culture”,”type”:”wrap”,”url”:”/category/arts-and-culture”},”shareTools”:{“emailShortUrl”:”https://thedailybeast.com/young-drinkers-are-pissed-their-fake-ids-dont-match-their-real-vaccine-cards?source=email&via=desktop”,”escapedDescription”:”These are tough times for underage drinkers seeking to drink illegally: the birthdays listed on vaccine cards, which are required to enter some bars, do not match their fake IDs.”,”escapedTitle”:”Young Drinkers Are Pissed Their Fake IDs Don’t Match Their Real Vaccine Cards”,”facebookShortUrl”:”https://thedailybeast.com/young-drinkers-are-pissed-their-fake-ids-dont-match-their-real-vaccine-cards?source=facebook&via=desktop”,”mailBodyDescription”:”These are tough times for underage drinkers seeking to drink illegally: the birthdays listed on vaccine cards, which are required to enter some bars, do not match their fake IDs.”,”mailBodyTitle”:”Young Drinkers Are Pissed Their Fake IDs Don’t Match Their Real Vaccine Cards”,”pageUrl”:”https://thedailybeast.com/young-drinkers-are-pissed-their-fake-ids-dont-match-their-real-vaccine-cards”,”shareButtons”:[{“buttonHref”:”https://linkedin.com/cws/share?url=”,”buttonName”:”SUBMIT”,”name”:”linkedin”,”renderHidden”:true,”shareUrl”:”https://thedailybeast.com/young-drinkers-are-pissed-their-fake-ids-dont-match-their-real-vaccine-cards?via=desktop&social=Linkedin”},{“buttonHref”:”https://reddit.com/submit?url=”,”buttonName”:”SUBMIT”,”name”:”reddit”,”renderHidden”:true,”shareUrl”:”https://thedailybeast.com/young-drinkers-are-pissed-their-fake-ids-dont-match-their-real-vaccine-cards?via=desktop&social=Reddit”}],”shareToolsImage”:”https://img.thedailybeast.com/image/upload/c_crop,d_placeholder_euli9k,h_1688,w_3000,x_0,y_0/dpr_2.0/c_limit,w_740/fl_lossy,q_auto/v1633115160/210930-alaina-fake-ids-tease_wmsszu”,”shortUrl”:”https://thedailybeast.com/young-drinkers-are-pissed-their-fake-ids-dont-match-their-real-vaccine-cards”,”twitterShortUrl”:”https://thedailybeast.com/young-drinkers-are-pissed-their-fake-ids-dont-match-their-real-vaccine-cards?source=twitter&via=desktop”,”twitterVia”:”thedailybeast”},”tags”:[{“name”:”Drinking culture”,”slug”:”drinking-culture”,”__typename”:”Tag”},{“name”:”Alcohol”,”slug”:”alcohol”,”__typename”:”Tag”},{“name”:”Vaccines”,”slug”:”vaccines”,”__typename”:”Tag”}],”wrap”:{“external”:false,”hideByline”:false,”id”:”arts-and-culture”,”longTitle”:”Arts and Culture”,”rubric”:””,”shortTitle”:”Arts and Culture”,”specialContentFlag”:””,”title”:”Arts and Culture”,”type”:”wrap”,”url”:”/category/arts-and-culture”},”campaign”:null,”conversionCards”:[]}Quantcast

‎Apollo for Reddit on the App Store

  Version 1.12.2:

  This update improves an open in Apollo issue, as well as a few other small issues.

  Version 1.12.1:

  Here's an update with some handy bug fixes and improvements based on great feedback from the Christmas update. Read on!

  + A new, really cool icon from Yannick Lung. It's of the Apollo mascot in an old school scuba suit by the incredible Yannick Lung, and I love how the details really make it feel like an icon from a nostalgic era of time passed. Have been enjoying it a lot on the ol' home screen.

  + Improvements to table rendering. Thanks y'all for sending in some great examples of tables that (alongside Apollo's new inline table renderer) weren't quite displaying properly, so I've tidied those all up so they should display gorgeously now.

  + Also tweaked layout algorithm a bit so that some tables that were a bit cramped should display nicer now.

  + Fixed bug where the "Quote" option in "Select Text" mode and in the comment composer wouldn't show up.

  + Fixed bug where the subscriber count and number of currently active accounts wasn't showing up in the sidebar (and also added the short subreddit description to the top of it).

  + Fixed bug where some links wouldn't be tappable or only the subreddit/user part would be if it was a Reddit link.

  + Fixed a bug where tapping on some user or subreddit links could jump you into the browser/out of Apollo rather than staying in the app (same with Wikipedia links, fixed too).

  + Fixed bug where preview text (like for a text post in a subreddit, or underneath an Inbox item) was too dark, made it a bit lighter like before so as to blend in better

  + Fixed a bug with some escaped Markdown characters and those inside code blocks.

  + Fixed a bug around newlines/line breaks in Markdown.

  + Fixed a bug where sometimes you could get a duplicate notification.

  + Fixed bug where text in private messages could be visually hard to read due to low contrast.

  + If you tap on a link to u/me, it'll properly load your profile now.

  + Added option in Settings tab > General to share Reddit links as their "old.reddit" version.

  + Fixed bug where Apollo was mean to usernames with hyphens in them.

  + Fixed bug where when comments loaded self text could refresh/flash in a non-cool way.

  + Fixed bug where couldn't select the title of the post in "Select Text" mode.

  + If you tap on a timestamped YouTube video it will now open to that time.

  + Limits comment link previews to 5.

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  + Flattened large groups of newlines in a comment/post into just two.

  + Fixed bug where code blocks could get cut off at the bottom.

  + Fixed bug where widgets would not show up on iOS 14.

  + A fix for a crash that could occur on iOS 12 devices. Really sorry about that one, strange bug that was but everything should be in tip top shape now. As a note, after this update (1.12.1) Apollo will likely require iOS 14 and higher for further updates. You'll still be able to run Apollo on iOS 12 and 13 just as you were before, but new updates will require iOS 14 and higher. Statistically very few Apollo users are still on these older versions (well under 1% of users) and the work to maintain these older versions and put off using nice, newer iOS features in full (SwiftUI, SceneDelegate, Combine, Swift Concurrency, etc.) is beginning to get a bit tough to maintain given the small userbase (and I'm just one person building this app), so I figure now's a good a time as for iOS 14 to become the base. Hope that's understandable.

  Hope these first two weeks of 2022 have served you well, and if not, well I endeavour to make the rest happier through Apollo updates!

  - Christian

zoom id and password generator how to take a good fake id photo reddit